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Jan 12 - Feb. 18
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All new, live online, instructor- led interactive program

What is the biggest challenge facing the litigation support field today?
Too few knowledgeable and fully trained professionals who know litigation support from top to bottom. 

Until now, there has been little or no formal training in this highly skilled, highly paid field.

According to recent salary surveys, Litigation Support Project Managers on the West Coast can earn around $125,000 annually plus overtime and bonus. The demand for Litigation Support Project Managers is even higher on the East Coast - up to $200,000 for management positions.

Salaries are on the rise because of a shrinking talent pool. As a result, law firms are upping salaries to attract the best talent. Landing a new job in this area or improving your current skill level may secure an even larger salary. Up until this point, you could take a webinar here or a seminar there. Perhaps you learned on-the-job. However, do you know if the person training you is fully trained? To meet the needs of this burgeoning field, OLP has developed an intensive graduate level program for the beginner or intermediate level or as a refresher for the senior level. We focus directly on practical assignment areas. The program is instructor-led, online, live and interactive.

The program reaches the inside issues that really matter. In our classrooms, you will learn key principles along with practical instruction in legal project management, technology, management and the fundamentals of Litigation Support.

Program Highlights:

Upon completion of this program, successful graduates will be able to:
  • Explain the role of Litigation Support in today’s legal system;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Litigation Support process, fundamental legal principles and the lifecycle of a case;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of Litigation Support legal ethics and Best Practices;
  • Proficiently access, locate, and manage cases by both traditional and electronic methods;
  • Demonstrate problem-solving and critical, analytical thinking skills within the context of evaluating Litigation Support practical issues; and
  • Communicate effectively with accurate legal and technological terminology in written and/or oral form, with a demonstrated proficiency in the use of technology.

What You Will Learn:

OLP's Litigation Support Project Management Training Program is a 7 course, 3 month series focused on the creation of a professional that understands today's Litigation Support and management needs in a law firm or corporate law department setting.

Litigation Support Management professionals must have a solid knowledge base of both legal and technology practices combined with stong leadership skills. Typically, LitSupport specialists have either a strong foundational understanding of the legal process or litigation technology. OLP's program allows you to choose an initial approach to fill in knowledge gaps.

Designed, developed and delivered by a group of leading Litigation Support experts, consultants, law professors, senior paralegals, paralegal managers and other top industry professionals, OLP’s Litigation Support Management program instructs you specifically in the areas you are most likely to be assigned.

Taking this course program does not give students an automatic certificate. You must take and pass a Final Exam in order to get the certificate.  A certificate program differs from a certification exam. A certification exam indicates mastery/competency, hands-on experience and is typically administered by a 3rd party standard-setting organization set through a defensible, industry-wide process. A certificate program does not constitute certification. It indicates completion of a course. You cannot be certified by taking a course. You must take the aforementioned certification exam.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Learn the lifecycle of a case in order to better control your projects
  • Anticipate problems and solve them as they arise
  • Manage time while juggling multiple projects with knowledge of what's coming up next
  • Gain the ability to exert influence without authority


The program shows you:
  • An analysis of relevant knowledge regarding the legal process; case law; and law firm, corporate legal department, and service provider functions with a focus on personnel management and leadership, project management, technology, and must-have best practices;
  • A comprehensive study of technologies commonly used to help support litigation, including those used for processing data, document review, and the presentation of evidence;
  • The study of ethics and ethical considerations during the litigation process;
  • An additional overview of some of the most common platforms used in LitSupport;
  • Key practices in litigation support: working with various data types (both paper and electronic), developing and managing project plans, working with service providers, and common approaches to Litigation Support Department structures.
See tuition below


  • Graduates of the program may return anytime to audit any LitSupport certificate courses at no charge - a lifetime bonus.
  • Graduates of the program receive significant discounts on OLP courses, eDiscovery certification exam and prep course.
  • Live, interactive and participatory online classes and lab.

The Complete Program:

Total Weeks: 10 

Students are given real-world cases to receive hands-on experience in a supportive environment. Each class offers assignments and evaluating quizzes to measure the understanding, level and development of each student. Students will participate in labs throughout the program.

I. Course One: Fundamentals of Technology

Note: If you have a technology background but little or no legal background, please let us know. We have recorded sessions you will be able to view:

Recorded sessions:  Have technology experience but little or no legal background.  You can view: 
The Legal Process for Litigation Support Professionals: Civil Litigation for Geeks (3 Classes)

How the court system works
  1. Structure of the Federal/State/Administrative court system
  2. Pleadings: Complaint, Summons and Service
  3. The Discovery Phase
  4. Trial Preparation to Post-Discovery to Pretrial
  5. Trial
  6. Post-trial Procedures
Or choose:

Live, Online Sessions: Fundamentals of Technology (for those with legal background but little or no technology) (3 Classes)

The fundamentals of computer systems, network and infrastructure systems, and widely used computing platforms essential for Litigation Support Management professionals.

  1. Review of the overall work flow in obtaining and processing data
  2. Exploration of computer systems
  3. Creation, storage and management of digital data for preservation, collection and searching of electronically stored information (ESI)
  4. Fundamental components of computers, computer devices, mobile devices and network and storage architecture
  5. Analyzation of systems storing electronic data
  6. Methods by which data can be extracted and protected from destruction and alterations

II. Course Two: Technology and Concepts (5 Classes)

  1. Data Security Practices
  2. eDiscovery Collections and Forensics
  3. Data Types, Loading Data, Exporting & Producing Data
  4. The Cloud: What is it? Pros, Cons and Best Practices
  5. Predictive Coding and Big Data

III. Course Three: Software Overview, Usage and Maintenance (1 Class)

  1. Usage and Maintenance
  2. Presentation Platforms

IV. Course Four: Project Management (6 Classes)

  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. Project Management Scoping
  3. Project Costs and Time Management
  4. Project Risks and Performance Monitoring
  5. Litigation Project Design and Management (Part I)
  6. Litigation Project Design and Management (Part II)

V. Course Five: Leadership and Management Skills for Litigation Support Managers (4 Classes/2 Parts)

  1. Personnel Management and Leadership (2 classes)
  2. Business Management (2 classes)

VI. Course Six: Ethics (1 Class)

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Unauthorized Practice of Law
  3. Conflict of Interest

VII. Course Seven: Advanced Legal Practices (2 Classes)

  1. Cross-Border Litigation and Discovery
  2. eDiscovery Landmines
  3. Cost Shifting and Taxation of Costs

What Students Have Said About OLP Courses and Webinars:

"Mr. Ball has a folksy way of disseminating information that is very easy to understand regardless of a person’s industry expertise. He is not only a fabulous speaker, but also a great writer – two critical elements in being a successful teacher! He is well recognized in the industry as not only an industry leader, but also an expert." Kara Buzga, Mayer Brown
A client required their attorneys to attend a two hour training session on how handle their eDiscovery. As our attorneys listened and looked at the book provided, their eyes glazed over. Afterwards, my boss buzzes by my office and pokes his head in. "Did you understand all that stuff?" (says the great wizardly wise one. )"Yes," I respond. Now – why in the world did it surprise him that after at least 8 weeks of intensive OLP training that I might understand? So, today (seriously just this morning) I find out that I’m now in charge of coordinating the firm’s compliance with the eDiscovery process for that client. Janet Powell, Jackson Lewis

Meet Your Instructors:

 Mark Lassiter is a lawyer, an author, a resolutionary, a legal technologist, a legal project manager, a consultant,  a teacher and an entrepreneur. He is an AV® Preeminent Rated lawyer, one of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers™ and among the Best of  Arizona Attorneys - Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ranking Arizona™. He is the founder of The Lassiter Law Firm in Tempe (Phoenix area), Arizona, where he practices in the areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), business, real estate and construction law.

Mr. Lassiter is an expert in Computer Aided Evidence Presentation and Case Management, chairs the Cloud  Computing and Law Practice Management Subcommittee of the Technology Committee of the State Bar of Arizona, and is a member  of the Law Practice Management Section and the Legal Project Management Task Force of the Mergers & Acquisitions Section of the American Bar Association (“ABA”). He is also the founder of various legal technology and support companies, including CloudCounsel™ and Lex Projex™.

Donald Billings, West Coast Litigation Support Manager, Sidley Austin LLP

With an established track-record spanning more than 20 years in leadership, entrepreneurial, and consultative roles serving global law firms and fortune 100 companies, Donald is passionate about helping others succeed.

He currently serves as a member of the Practice Support Management Team at Sidley Austin LLP, specializing in the areas of eDiscovery, business process automations, and digital-forensics. He also serves as a lecturer for the Organization of Legal Professionals and is a member of the Board of Advisors for UrbanSculpt, LLC.

Karen Begley, Trial Consultant & Visual Communication Strategist - Litigation Advantage; Adjunct Faculty Member - Duquesne University

Karen works with a team of professionals include attorneys, paralegals, graphic designers, legal videographers, nurse practitioners and e-discovery project managers.


Starts:  January 12 - Feb. 18, 2015
Meets twice per week - Monday and Wednesday
Each class is 90 minutes - 2 hours
4:00 pm Pacific/6:00 pm Central/7:00 pm Eastern
Seating is limited to small work groups

If you miss a class, you may view the recording OnDemand, 24/7. Students must take all classes in order to complete the program.



MEMBERS: 995.00
Non-members: 1095.00


OLP is a California MCLE Multiple Activity Provider. Check with your state. 
CLE eligible. 
*No refunds. Students may provide a substitute or transfer to another program.
Questions? Call 760.610.5462 or email info@theolp.org

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